Custom Coils

Custom Coils Configured to Meet Your Needs

BRIC is proud to offer a complete line of competitively priced, quality engineered replacement and OEM coils. Coils are made from the finest materials to your specifications.BRIC’s experienced team of applicaion specialists are only a phone call away and ready to respond to any questions you may have.

World Class Manufacturing

BRIC’s custom coils are manufactured using advanced processes, superior engineering and quality control procedures to guarantee the highest quality product. Highly skilled production workers use cost-efficient machines and unique die designs to add innovative features.

Heating / Cooling

BRIC’s coils are designed, manufactured and tested to meet a broad range of heating and cooling requirements. To achieve maximum efficiency and longevity, coils must be properly sized for the intended application.

Water Coils can be used for a single purpose such as heating or cooling, or their function can be alternated between heating and cooling by changing the temperature of the water flowing through the coil. Depending on the application, it may be necessary to use glycol mixture to prevent the liquid freezing. BRIC water coils are engineered to operate at pressures up to 250 PSIG and temperatures up to300°F, but ancillary equipment such as valves and pumps will often dictate lower operating temperatures. All water coils are pressure tested at the factiry with 450 PSIG of dry nitrogen.

Steam Coils are used for heating applications and are built to operate at pressure of up to 125 PSIG with a mazximum temperature of 353°F. Thay are pressure tested with 600 PSIG of dry nitrogen. The most frequesnt use of steam coils is for retrofitting or modifying existing steam heat systems.

Direct Expansion (DX) Coils are part of a refrigerant filled system consisting of a condenser coil, evaporator coil and a refrigerant compressor. The evaporator coil must be paired with thermal expansion valve (TXV) intended for the specific capacity and refrigerant type. When used in conjunction with a heat pump and reversing valves, a coil serves for both heating & cooling.

Evaporator Coils (DX) are made for heat absorption and generally function at a lower pressure. Coils made with 3/8 inch diameter tubing are rated for 450 PSIG and 300°F maximum operating temperature. Coils made with 1/2 or 5/8 inch diameter tubing are rated for 450 PSIG and a maximum operating temperature of 300°F. All evaporator coils are factory tested at 600 PSIG. These coils are generally used for spot cooling or as part of an air handling systems.

Condenser Coils are made for heat rejection, such as the heat absorbed by an evaporator coil, and they typically operate under higher internal pressures. Coils made with 3/ inch tubing are rated for use at 600 PSIG and 300°F while coils made from 1/2 or 5/8 inch tubing are rated for 600 PSIG and 300°F. Condenser coils are sometimes used as part of a heat pump to provide heat in a specific location, butmore often they are used to simply exhaust heat energy that is collected elsewhere. These coils are also factory tested to 600 PSIG.

Energy Recovery with Run Around Coil Loop

Many specific and industrial ventilation systems require the introduction of large amounts of outdoor air into the building. The expense of tempering that outdoor air can be greatly reduced by recovering energy from the exhaust airstream. BRIC offers a run around coil loop that is resistant to air contaminations and also maintains isolation of the exhaust airstream from the intake airstream. A run around coil loop consists of a specially coated corrosion-resistant coil that is inserted into the building exhaust airstream and is connected to a matching coil in the building air intake. The coils are connected by means of a fluid loop filled with a glycol solution and a pump which isused to circulate the fluid. In the winter, the run around coil loop absorbs sensible (heat) energy from the exhaust airstream and transfers it into the intake airstream, and in the summer, sensible energy is absorbed from the intake airstream and transfers into the exhaust airstream. This results in significant energy savings in both summer and winter.BRIC’s custom coils are available with a corrosion-resistant specialty coating that ensures safe and consistent recovery of sensible energy.



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