Benefits of Direct Drive Fans

Many options exist to minimise energy consumption by replacing older less efficient fans and motors.

BRICs direct drive fans are designed to provide optimum value to the designer, installer, and end user. They come in two categories: Direct Drive Centrifugal Fans (DS fans, DD fans and DDEM fans) and Direct Drive Constant Volume Fans with EC Motors (DDEC fans). All fans feature a robust construction and their constant quality make them equally suitable for installation in supply and exhaust air systems, and in original equipment where it contributes to the equipment manufacturer’s reputation for the consistent performance and reliability of their product.

Direct Drive Centrifugal Fans

Robustly constructed direct driven centrifugal fans with heavy gauge galvanised steel casings, and motors in or out of the airstream.

DS (Single Inlet) and DD (Double inlet) range

  • Volume flows from 100 to 7000m³/hr
  • Forward curved dynamically balanced impellers.• Anti-vibration motor suspension for vibration free, quiet operation.
  • Speed controllable
  • Equally suitable for installation in supply and exhaust systems,and in original universal equipment
  • Suitable for handling air at temperatures up to 50ºC
  • IP44 enclosure motors

DDEM Single inlet fans with motors fitted externally out of airstream

  • Volume flows from 1000 to 10000m³/h
  • Forward curved(DDE/EM) and backward curved DDEB/EM dynamically balanced impellers
  • Cube constructed casing easily connected to flanged ducting
  • Motor and impeller easily removed for cleaning

Direct Drive Constant Volume Fans with EC Motors

A new generation of small DDEC fans with high efficiency EC (electrically commutated) motors, speed regulated to maintain constant air volume flow with varying pressure loss.

  • Air volume flows from 350 to 4500m³/h
  • Double inlet
  • Heavy gauge galvanised steel casings
  • Forward curved dynamically balanced impellers



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